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  First BarbieThe whole world over, Barbie is the doll that every girls just got to have. Over the years, Barbie has managed to stay in tune with her owners, in dress, physical appearance and at the same time maintain her unique sweetness that has captured the hearts of generations of young girls. The picture to the right is of the first every Barbie. If you are lucky to own one of these original dolls, you are setting on a potential fortune!  This doll is valued currently at over $12,000.00

Today, there are many different type of Barbie dolls available and there are collectors clubs all over the world. This is a far cry from the relatively humble beginnings at the 1956 toy fair. Would Ruth Handler, Barbie's creator every thought her creation would one day be part of American day to day life as it is today? Barbie was invented by Ruth Handler in 1950. At the time, most of the dolls available were targeted at the adult market and were generally made of cloth or paper.

Barbie was named after Barbara Handler, the daughter of the creators Ruth and Elliot Handler. They also had a son called Ken - sound familiar!

Barbie dolls sell at a rate of 3 every second!  Mattel has built a nice "little" toy for themselves selling all over the world.

Harley Davidson BarbieBarbie even ran for the Presidency. The issues Barbie campaigned on included equality, world peace, animal kindness, education, and the environment.  Nothing too controversial for America's favorite doll.

Barbie has not been without her problems.  Many advocacy groups remain up in arms that Barbie promotes a poor self image to young girls.  After all, if Barbie were a real person, she would be 6' 0", weigh 100lbs., and wear a size 4.? Her measurements would be 39/19/33.  Not at all what most people want to see their youngsters reaching for.

Today Barbie faces competition from everywhere with the latest crazes like Cabbage Patch Kids, Bratz, and the like all trying to take her crown.  Barbie has been fighting back with new models fitting today's hip children (like the Harley Davidson Barbie to the left) and even going so far as splitting with longtime beau Ken in 2004.  To date, nothing has come close to replacing Barbie in our lives.

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